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Never miss a booking with telephony integration

It’s Saturday night. Service is buzzing and all hands are on deck. Who’s picking up new bookings? A missed call seems trivial at face value. One missed phone booking per day with an average value of £70, however, and you’re letting £25k per year fall through the cracks. Ouch. With seamless, on-the-go telephony integration, VoCoVo makes missed calls unmissable...

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Tips for better table service

In a market with average margins of just 3 to 5% it makes sense to cut an extra slice of revenue from food delivery apps. Trouble is, conflicting priorities emerge. Rain soaked food couriers await pickup loitering among paying tables and takeout orders go cold as the team focus on delivering a memorable experience. Learn how VoCoVo CallPoints let you dispatch courier orders swiftly and discreetly with minimal disruption to the in-house dining experience...

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Make fast food faster by super charging pick up

Efficiency is integral to a 5-star dining experience. Everything hinges on clear, fluid team communication–yet many kitchens remain voiceless relying on second hand messages causing crossed wires. Mistakes happen, tempers flare and communication breaks down. The customer experience goes up in smoke and those 1-star reviews start to pile up like dirty crockery. VoCoVo creates a vocal nervous system connecting managers, kitchen and restaurant for more proactive–and less reactive–workflows enabling a seamless, stress-free service customers will remember and talk about...

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The restaurant space is a crowded one built on tight margins, high volumes and the kind of attention to detail that drives word-of-mouth marketing. Restaurants that thrive will likely put their success down to dynamic, motivated teams that run on clear, efficient communication bringing together the different elements that go into delivering a memorable customer experience.

VoCoVo brings a team to life by providing an integrated system of seamless, on-the-go communication with bespoke functionality moulded to alleviate specific pain points in your restaurant environment. Release the VoCoVo magic and you'll streamline front and back of house, eliminate missed bookings while creating a vibrant, connected working environment where teams naturally put the client at the heart of everything they do, with precision and pride.

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Never miss a booking

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